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Jana Madle-Elmerhaus
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Maria Erikson
Tamarind Master Printer (class 2015)
Lithography teacher and technician at Estonian Academy of Arts

Through Journeyman’s Walk exchange project I had the privilege of working as an artist-in-residence

During my three week stay I worked with lithography, experimenting with a range of tusche washes on stone. With the help and expertise of master printer Peter Stephan, I became familiarized with new drawing materials in addition to the technical workings of the lithographic process. From Peter I learned an alternative method of etching a stone than I had previously been taught, and which I have now adopted in my own artistic and teaching practices.

It is important to me to learn from different printers in order to further my own skill and understanding of lithography both as a printer and as an educator. Getting insight into how different print shops are organized internationally is useful, especially now as I work to build up the lithography printshop at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Printmaking is a community based practice where every meeting leads to new ideas that then can be taken back home and shared to enrich our own home print communities. At Grafikwerkstatt Dresden I engaged with amazing artists and printers from the USA, Greece, France, and Sweden.

These connections would not have been possible without the Journeyman’s Walk program. I fondly think of the daily tea drinking ritual at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden, shared amongst artists, shop members, and the staff of Peter, Torsten, and Udo. I am delighted to have taken part of this residency. Programs like Journeyman ́s Walk provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of print based media, and are therefore essential for the continuation, as well as development of contemporary printmaking. My hope is that the project continues to enrich printmaking experiences in the future.

17. maj 2013 av Grafikwerkstatt
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