ENDEGRA-Dresden 2019

European Network for Development and Education in Graphic Art
hosted by Grafikwerkstatt Dresden

ENDEGRA-DRESDEN 1.-7. September 2019










History: The topic of the last ENDEGRA meeting in Dresden 2013 was the romantic era, that emanated in the 18th century, visual artists from the Dresden area started to paint the expressive and characteristic landscape Sächsische Schweiz, landscape to use it as a metaphor for an inner landscape.

ENDEGRA-Dresden2019 with the topic ”Photography in Printmaking” was a event for printmaker working with Photography. The idea is to talk about all the special problems around extreme fine greytones, Fotokorn FK, Stochastic Raster FM and how to handle this with Computer-to-Plate CtP for hand-prints in Algrafie on Etching-Presses and in Silkscreen. All that in reference to the historical development of printing technology for Photography. Of course open for all crazy experiments around the chances what photography take in to printmaking processes.
Printmaker was invite to print tests and smal editions with Photokorn-Algrafie with digital plates at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden and Silkscreen-Prints at Wildsmile-Studio. Also, professional exchange – in the sense of our old slogan: We have to have our hands in the ink when we discuss these matters!
The Excursion to Lichtdruck Leipzig has illustrate where we have our roots in technology – a unique opportunity to discover this photographic direct printing process. We had rented the colotype-printers for a exclusive demonstration with real natural halftones on a Schnellpresse. Additionally guiding tour through Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig

The Accommodation has been arranged for all participants on a very nice hostel ship in the center of Dresden. There was also an opportunity for evening-meetings, presentations and lecturs.

Exhibition in Galerie C.RockefellerCenter Dresden:
Nina Bondeson / Bolaget Vardagsbilder HB / Schweden
Jim Berggren / Bolaget Vardagsbilder HB / Schweden
Cécile Gissot / ДôM Atelier de gravure DôM  Paris / Frankreich
Valia Eydis-Rabinovitch / ДôM Atelier de gravure DôM  Paris / Frankreich
Andreas Seeliger / Dresden
Frank Hoffmann / Dresden
Riemke Bouwman / Holland
Jan-Erik Wedholm / HôLT Vereniging Der Noordelijke Hoogdrukkers / Holland
Kari Holopainen / Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Imatra / Finnland
Kalli Kalde / University of Tartu / Estland
Sietske Bosma / HôLT Vereniging Der Noordelijke Hoogdrukkers / Holland
Marie Palmgren / KV Konstskola Göteborg / Schweden
Carina Fihn / Konstepidemin Göteborg / Schweden
Lucie Freynhagen / Wildsmile Studios / Dresden
Andreas Ullrich / Wildsmile Studios / Dresden
Udo Haufe / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden
Torsten Leupold / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden
Peter Stephan / Drucker Grafikwerkstatt / Dresden


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